Like what you see?

At Zaraz, we hand pick every item we put on display. In the above pictures, our top two designers we love to buy from are Anushka and Baggallini. These are just two designers out of 15+ designers we collaborate with.  

When it comes to handbags, we prioritize a few features that we believe customers like you would appreciate. We strive to incorporate quality, comfort, and class. We pick products that will last you as long as possible. We carry leather and other fine materials. We take pride in the high qualities of our bags and each piece is checked before being put out on display. For most of our handbags, we recognize the importance in having compartments for cellphones, tablets, wallets, change, and makeup. We understand the struggle to keep your things organized all in one bag. This is why we find the most convenient bags for each individual and their needs. When it comes to class, we cannot express enough how important it is to us. A priority of ours is to give you the perfect elegant bag to complete your look. 

When it comes to styles, we have a variation of them. Just as each season passes, so do our types of bags. In the summer you can find our light totes and beach bags. In the beginning of each season we pick the merchandise for the NEXT season just so we are prepared ahead of what will be in fashion. Each season, the styles and colors that are 'in', change. We recognize this and are always ahead of the game ready to provide you with new merchandise perfect to keep you up to date with the fashion industry. 

Some lines we carry include:

  • Anuschka

  • Baggallini

  • Moda Luxe

  • Katie Q

  • and many more !

* If you like a certain company but a product is not in our store, we would be more than happy to order it for you*